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Aims & Values


"Learning for life”

Our mission

- We strive to challenge and support children to achieve excellence in a happy, safe, tolerant and caring environment, in order for them to reach their personal best

- We are committed to seeking the highest possible outcomes for each of our children, and to enabling them to set high standards for themselves.

Our values

- We believe that children should be happy, safe and secure in school

- We believe that each child is unique and should receive an education that is tailored to their particular needs and experiences

- We believe that achievements should be celebrated, aspirations encouraged, and that every child should be enabled to reach their true potential

- We believe that all members of the school community should treat each other with respect

- We believe that diversity should be celebrated and prejudice must be challenged

- We believe that every child should be motivated by their learning experiences and be encouraged to become independent life-long learners

- We believe that we must work in close partnership with families and the local community that we serve.

Our aims

- We will ensure that every child has access to high quality education, developing a life-long love of learning

- We will provide an environment which is stimulating, engaging and encourages independent learning

- We will treat everyone with respect and good manners, and expect the same from others

- We will offer children memorable life experiences, providing a creative and exciting curriculum which is relevant for living in the 21st century

- We will have high expectations of children, in respect of their learning, attitudes and behaviour

- We will forge good relationships with parents and the local community, taking heed of their requests and needs

- We will be good role models

- We will encourage children to be sensitive to the needs of others, including those of different heritage, culture and religion

- We will develop key skills including independence, team work, problem-solving and perseverance

- We will instil a sense of rights and responsibilities in all members of the school community

- We will be happy and positive in our approach

- We will prepare children for the next stage in their education and life.