The role of the Governing Body

All schools in England have a Governing Body which is responsible for overseeing many of the strategic decisions of the school. A key role is to act as a ‘critical friend’: to support, to challenge, to ask questions, and to ultimately represent the school community.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the Local Authority. Whilst the Headteacher is, of course, responsible for the day to day running of the school, the governors are involved in such things as finance, school buildings, curriculum and staffing. Governors ensure that the school functions well holds the Headteacher to account for decisions made.

Members of the Governing Body include parents, teaching staff and representatives from the local community and Local Authority.

How to become a governor

All governors must be elected. If you would like to be part of Spon Gate’s Governing Body, please enquire at the school office about any vacancies.

Current Governors

Jane Hartnett (Chair) Local Authority representative

Term of office: 03.07.2019 – 02.07.2023

First appointed 22.01.1999

Jennifer Eggert (Vice Chair) Parent governor

Term of office: 04.11.2013 – 03.11.2021

Antoine Choffrut Parent governor

Term of office: 04.10.2017 – 03.10.2021

Bill Weston Parent governor

Term of office: 29.11.2018 – 28.11.2022

Laura Noble Co-opted governor

Term of office: 15.05.2019 – 14.05.2023

Becky Edwards Co-opted governor

Term of office: 13.09.2017 – 12.09.2021

First appointed: 24.06.2015

Hannah Kelly Staff governor

Term of office: 13.09.2017 – 12.09.2021

Jamie Wingrove Headteacher

Term of office: 01.09.2009 until present